Konekios Launches User-Friendly Website Builder to Drive Indonesian SMEs into the Digital Era

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Gemadipada, Founder of Konekios, Pioneering Social Entrepreneurship to Help Indonesian SMEs Go Digital and Penetrate Global Markets.



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Depok, Indonesia, January 17, 2024 – Gemadipada, the founder of Konekios, a revolutionary website builder platform dedicated to SMEs, is fueled by a fervent commitment to ushering Indonesian SMEs into the digital realm and facilitating their global market penetration.

In recognizing the imperative for SMEs to establish their online brand and presence, Gemadipada asserts, “This is essential to increase their competitiveness in the digital era, both in the domestic and global markets.” The crux, however, lies in the fact that building a website can be a daunting task for SMEs, especially those lacking technical knowledge. In response to this challenge, Gemadipada and his team introduced Konekios, a user-friendly website builder platform tailored specifically for SMEs.

Konekios: Empowering SMEs Digitally

Konekios is not merely a platform; it’s a comprehensive solution offering hosting, domain, web design, and email services in a unified package. Its user-friendly interface empowers SMEs to construct a website effortlessly, even without prior coding knowledge. Gemadipada emphasizes, “Konekios provides all the essentials for building a website, including hosting, domain, web design, and email.”

Beyond Konekios, Koneksi Group extends its support through various SME digitalization mentoring programs. These initiatives aim to equip SMEs with the digital skills necessary to thrive in the online business landscape. “We want to help SMEs go digital and grow their businesses more effectively, both in the domestic and global markets,” says Gemadipada. To date, Koneksi Group has successfully assisted over a thousand SMEs in Indonesia in their digital transformation. Their ambitious target is to empower 100,000 SMEs in Indonesia to go digital by 2024.



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Acknowledgments and Ambitions

Konekios has not gone unnoticed in its efforts. The platform has been recognized and selected as a recipient of the IndoBisa 2023 grant from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf). This collaboration with Pijar Foundation aims to expedite the development of the digital economy sector in Indonesia. Gemadipada expresses his gratitude, stating, “We are honored to be selected as a recipient of the IndoBisa 2023 startup. This grant will allow us to continue our mission to help Indonesian SMEs go digital and penetrate global markets.”

Gemadipada and his team exemplify dedication to social entrepreneurship in Indonesia. They demonstrate that with hard work and dedication, anyone can contribute to the advancement of SMEs in Indonesia and facilitate their global market presence.

Investor Pitch: A Lucrative Opportunity

Konekios stands as a high-growth startup with a vast addressable market, considering the Indonesian SME sector’s estimated worth of over $1 trillion. The platform is strategically positioned to capture a significant share of this market, both domestically and globally.

Backed by a proficient team with a proven track record, Gemadipada brings entrepreneurial talent and an in-depth understanding of the SME market. The team boasts a robust technical background and an unwavering passion for fostering SME success.

Konekios boasts a transparent business model and a strong financial track record, marked by profitability and rapid growth. Beyond financial success, the company prides itself on being a socially responsible entity with a mission to facilitate the digital journey of Indonesian SMEs, aligning perfectly with investors seeking impactful opportunities.

Investment Opportunity: Fueling Growth

Konekios is actively seeking investment to accelerate its growth and venture into global markets. With a target of raising $3 million, the funds will be directed towards expanding into new markets and developing additional products and services.

For investors seeking a compelling opportunity to invest in a high-growth startup with a substantial market share potential, both domestically and globally, Konekios presents an attractive proposition.

About Konekios Group

Koneksi Group stands as a holding company affiliated with several technology startups. Founded in 2018 by Gemadipada from Depok, West Java, Indonesia, Koneksi Group (koneksi.group) is driven by a mission to leverage technology for enhancing the quality of life for the Indonesian people.

Apart from Konekios, Koneksi Group has affiliations with other technology startups, including Satukelas (online learning platform), Siapkonek (app customization services), and Koneksigma.AI (an energy data analytics platform). Together, these entities form a collective force contributing to the technological advancement and empowerment of individuals across Indonesia.


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