Book Based on a Groundbreaking Studies – The Softer Side of Teaching, by Lucy Lambert-Guesnard Transforms Learning and Behavior Through Connections

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In order to redefine education, Dr. Lucy Lambert-Guesnard is publishing her book, The Softer Side of Teaching. The book aims to transform the learning experience and, therefore, discusses the topics of teaching and human connections. The author has over 50 years of experience in education as a teacher, principal, and radio show host. In the book, Dr. Guesnard introduces her groundbreaking research on human connection so others can follow through on her examples. Ultimately, the aim is to improve education through the most effective approach.

The Softer Side of Teaching talks about a curriculum based on interpersonal relations. Furthermore, she mentions that meaningful relationships in the classroom can bridge the gap between disconnections in the learning process. These concepts by Dr. Guesnard challenge traditional pedagogical principles and thus define them as “the harder side of teaching.”

Since the pandemic, students have been grappling with anxiety due to disconnection from teachers and peers. Dr. Guesnard’s book addresses these struggles head-on. While providing practical solutions to the issues, she shares strategies to make meaningful changes in the students’ lives.

The book is already receiving high praise from educational luminaries. First and foremost is Dr. Eric Jensen, author of 30 books on brain research and teaching children of poverty. He states, “This book reveals why many teachers struggle. The path is simple, and the takeaways are doable. Plenty of takeaways!”

The book is going viral online while getting endorsements from educators, administrators, and authors. With all the praise, The Softer Side of Teaching proves it’s a must-read for teachers and educators. It emphasizes that fostering trust, open communication, and genuine care in the classroom can increase students’ average scores. Therefore, Dr. Guesnard’s work encourages us to shift towards education’s softer, more compassionate side. 

About the Author:

While holding various roles in academia, Dr. Lucy Lambert-Guesnard has dedicated 50 years of her life to the field of education. The book is a testimony to her experience and authority in teaching. Through her perspective, she aims to create a nurturing and safe learning environment. 

With The Softer Side of Teaching, she invites readers to approach education more compassionately. She even hosts a radio show, The Dr. Lucy Show: Perspectives on Education. Additionally, she has a blog for sharing experiences and stories and thus fosters rich conversations regarding the future of education.

With The Softer Side of Teaching, discover the secrets to improving education while positively impacting the students’ psyche. This book isn’t just about teaching and changing a noble profession. Grab the copy now to embark on a life-changing learning spree!

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