Libertum Launches Innovative Real Estate Investment Platform: Democratizing Property Investment

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London, UK, 21st November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Today marks a significant milestone in the world of real estate and blockchain technology as Libertum introduces its groundbreaking platform. This innovative approach is set to change how people invest in real estate, cutting out intermediaries and making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Libertum’s RWA ecosystem unleashes new opportunities to everyone

Unlike traditional methods, Libertum’s asset tokenization will allow anyone to invest in real estate and own a share of rental income, streamlining peer-to-peer transactions and eliminating barriers like liquidity and high transaction costs. 

Tokenizing assets in real estate opens the door to wider participation in investment opportunities. It allows anyone to invest in real estate properties and own a share of the rental income they generate. By digitizing the rental income process without changing ownership, Libertum will revolutionize real estate investments, making it inclusive for all. 

Libertum Bridges the  Physical World of Real Estate with Web3

The Libertum platform will simplify peer-to-peer borrowing and investing, addressing traditional real estate challenges like liquidity and high transaction costs (e.g., legal fees, closing costs). Investors will earn monthly passive income based on ownership, with no gatekeepers or entry barriers. Borrowers will access interest-free capital for affordable rental yields and high liquidity options.

Libertum will assess rental properties, convert them into digital assets on the blockchain, and break them into fractions representing monthly rental income. Borrowers provide property as collateral, securing timely payments. In case of default, Libertum can reclaim collateral, protecting token holders’ interests.

Ultimately, the platform will ensure transparency, financial stability, and access to affordable rental yields, addressing the challenges faced by 77% of the population unable to invest in real estate due to complexity and costs.

About Libertum

The platform is the first RWA platform with a Rental Income Token (RIT) providing a secure and equitable channel for everyone to invest in real world assets through decentralized smart contracts. Its goal is to establish a decentralized RWA investment and management mechanism, Makingreal world assets accessible to everyone.

The platform token of, $LBM, is a utility token enabling holders to participate in the fractionalised rental income ecosystem and empowers them with voting rights for’s corporate social responsibility projects. 

You can learn more about Libertum at the following links: 

Website |Twitter |Instagram |LinkedIn |Telegram

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