Crypto Startup RedAI Raised $20M for Redcoin At $2.5B Token Valuation

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RedAI is aiming for $50M+ before 2024.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 9th Nov 2023 – RedAI has announced that it has raised $20 million for Redcoin ($RED) at the token valuation of $2.5 billion. RedAI is building the world’s largest AI infrastructure for Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3. The goal is to provide a safe and secure environment that allows selecting and investing in the best digital assets by leveraging AI to give accurate on-chain data and frontline information.

Red AI uses a generative model to provide text-based responses to user inputs. The model gains an understanding of relationships and patterns present in human language through training on a vast corpus of text data. With RedAI technology, investors can make well-informed decisions by analyzing blockchain data using RedAI algorithms. Based on real-time data, this kind of AI-backed decision-making can assist investors in spotting trends, analyzing market movements, and making informed decisions.

RedAI is dedicated to a mission that aims to fully revolutionize the way people interact with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies while utilizing the enormous potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

The mission revolves around empowering users in the quickly changing cryptocurrency market by providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to make wise decisions. To accomplish this, REDAI provides an AI-powered platform meticulously customized to satisfy each user’s particular requirement.

The focus is to establish a future in which platforms driven by artificial intelligence (AI) are easily navigable, user-friendly, and consistently deliver precise, trustworthy information, assistance, and resources within the constantly evolving domain of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Red AI is also entering the cryptocurrency space by launching its unique token $RED.

Red AI has raised over $20M+ from private institutions and individuals in 2023. With the money that has already been raised, RedAI Team will contribute and boost the value of $RED for its holders. The team highly values growth and long-term sustainability and hopes to raise up to $50M+, preparing users for 2024 halving.

Users can now unlock the potential of Blockchain AI with $RED. They can join the RedAI presale journey to be part of reshaping the intersection of AI and Blockchain.

RedAI’s presale provides two opportunities to participate in an early stage of a project before 2024.

Launch Price: $0.25 USDT/RED

Presale Round: ($0.25 USDT/RED)

  1. Open to anyone without specific requirements or whitelisting.
  2. Limited availability of only 10 million $RED tokens at $0.25/RED.

Private Round: ($0.20 USDT/RED)

  1. Requires a minimum purchase of $10,000.
  2. Offers a significant advantage below the $0.25 launch price.
  3. Access to 250 million $RED tokens at $0.20/RED.

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